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Election Results for the 2022 Annual Stockholders' Meeting

The Central Kentucky Ag Credit 88th Annual Stockholders' Meetings were held on February 28 and March 1, 2022. The two sectional meetings were hosted in Lexington and Harrodsburg. 

The Board of Directors is elected by the membership in the cooperative style of "one member - one vote". Each member, regardless of size, has an equal say in the governing body of the Association.

Results from the Annual Meeting election are as follows: 

Director Position I 

Two candidates ran for director position I during the 2022 Annual Meetings, Kevin Mattingly and Joe Myers. 

Congratulations to Joe Myers of Mercer County, for being re-elected to the Central Kentucky Ag Credit Board of Directors. Mr. Myers will serve a four-year term. 

Nominating Committee

The 2023 Nominating Committee for Central Kentucky Ag Credit has been elected and will consist of five members and two alternates. 

Nominating Committee members who have been elected are:

  • Ally Barnett
  • Patrick Horn 
  • Andrew Newcomb 
  • William Sims
  • David Williams 


  • Joseph Peterson 
  • William Turpin 
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