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Account Features

Digital Banking

24-hour online access to your Ag Credit accounts.

  • Get information on all your loans
  • Make payments at your convenience up to 35 days in advance 
  • Transfer funds
  • View and print IRS tax forms 1098 and 1099
  • See all of your loan transactions for the previous calendar year on the Annual Loan Activity Statement

 Get the new Ag Credit Online Mobile app for Digital Banking, today! 

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An AgriLine account with Ag Credit, gives you a way to access your operating loan or line of credit. An AgriLine account provides you with checks to access your funds whenever and wherever you choose. This account feature is typically offered only on loans and lines of credit loans up to $50,000. 

With AgriLine, you’ll receive checks personalized with your name and address, or the name and address of your business. And each month you’ll receive a statement with details of the AgriLine checks you wrote the previous month. 


AutoDraft electronically deducts your loan installment from your bank account each month, each quarter or whenever it's due. Your payment is made for you automatically.

Signing up for AutoDraft is easy. Simply contact us and we will immediately work with you to get started. We'll set up your AutoDraft service to begin on the month and day you indicate, and we'll notify your bank of all the necessary information.


With FastCash, you can transfer funds from your Ag Credit loan directly into your bank checking or savings account with one phone call. Call today and we can electronically transfer funds into your account by tomorrow. It’s that easy.

Transferring funds from your Ag Credit loan to your bank account is simple. Just call your local Ag Credit office by 2:00 p.m. and let them how much you need to transfer. We can assure you that your loan funds will be in your bank account the next business day. (Requests received after 2:00 p.m. will be processed promptly the following business day.)

Wire Transfer 

If your transaction requires a wire transfer, Ag Credit can provide that service. Contact your local Ag Credit loan officer for details. 

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