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AgStart for Young, Beginning, & Small Farmer Loans

AgStart for Young, Beginning, & Small Farmer Loans

Supporting Your Dreams

Getting started in the agriculture industry can be difficult, when beginning cash and equity is low, Ag Credit can help! Central Kentucky AgStart is a program focused on young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers in Central Kentucky. This program was created with the unique needs of young, beginning and small farmers in mind. This program will not only educate farmers, but allow for networking opportunities and special loan servicing programs.

Central Kentucky Ag Start was created by the Ag Credit Young Farmer Advisory Council. The Council was established in 2013 and is made up of a young farm couple or individual in each of the 17 counties in Ag Credit’s territory. The goal of the program is to improve the agriculture industry in central Kentucky, by providing mentoring opportunities and educational tools for farmers.

Are You Eligible?

Young, beginning, & small farmer programs are open to farmers who meet one of these requirements:

  • Young — 35 years of age or younger
  • Beginning — 10 years or less of agricultural experience
  • Small — $250,000 or less gross farm income

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AgStart Program


Ag Credit has developed a broad range of services tailored to the unique needs of young, beginning and small farmers. Low rates, extended terms and fee-sharing programs are available. Ag Credit loan officers can tailor a loan package specifically for your growing operation.

AgBiz Basics

AgBiz Basics is a four-module eLearning course that educates young, beginning and small farmers and their families on how to run a successful farming operation. The program is mobile friendly and includes a workbook with financial spreadsheet templates.

Module Topics

  •  Side by side with your lender
    • Planning, goal setting and financial documentation
  • Do you cash flow?
    • The business side of production planning 
  • What are you worth financially?
    • Business and personal balance sheets 
  • Did you make a profit?
    • Income statement 

Time Commitment

The AgBiz Basics content can be completed in approximately three to four hours total, but you will have more two months to complete the program. Additional time spent on workbook applications, including goal setting and financial statement construction, will vary. 

Benefits Gained

  • Develop business skills
  • Create a close relationship with an Ag Credit loan officer
  • Understand the lending process
  • Network with local YBS farmers in central Kentucky

Who Can Take AgBiz Basics?

AgBiz Basics participants will be young, beginning and small farmers in Central Kentucky. Participants will farm and reside within Central Kentucky Ag Credit’s territory. Participants do not have to be members of Central Kentucky Ag Credit to take the class.

To find out more information call 859-253-3249

Find a Mentor

Most Ag Credit loan officers are farmers and financial experts, so they can answer many of the questions you might have. Ag Credit loan officers will act as mentors to AgStart participants, and will be available to help with any questions you might have. Feel free to call an Ag Credit loan officer with any questions you have, our business is serving farmers in central Kentucky.

You can also get advice from current customers and staff on our YouTube channel

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Get Connected

Check out our upcoming events where you can meet other farmers and start learning. 

"Because of my first-time experience of how easy it was to fill out the application, the willingness of my lender and the office staff to work with me, I was really satisfied with the whole process. That is why I have continued to go back to them when I need a loan."
Caleb Kernodle, AgStart Customer

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Find some older and experienced farmer and talk to them, pick their brain. That helped me greatly.
John Helm, Boyle County Farmer